About Moreman, Moore & Company
Our Story

1984 – 2005

Moreman, Moore, & Company was founded in 1984, by Dan Moreman and Doc Moore, who had a desire to form an insurance agency that prioritized people, was fiscally conservative, and rooted in the fear and admonition of the Lord. As the agency grew, the founders quickly identified the need to increase production to be able to accommodate all their clients’ needs. As new agents were added, these agents were given an opportunity to have equity in their own books of business. By allowing agents to have this level of equity, a unique environment was created that allowed them to thrive and gave them a profound sense of “pride in ownership” that is completely unique to Moreman, Moore & Co. This willingness of the founders to sacrifice personal financial gain so that others could prosper is the foundation of the culture of Moreman, Moore & Co.

2005 – 2019

In 2005, the agency’s ownership was perpetuated internally to Bryan Willis and Byram Carpenter, both longtime agents at Moreman, Moore & Co., who endeavored to carry on the legacy left to them by Dan and Doc. Bryan and Byram ran the agency with an emphasis on growth and production, and over their tenure as owners, the agency nearly doubled in size. They also helped the agency to embrace new tools, resources, and risk management practices that bring tremendous value to clients.

2019 – Present

In 2019, the second internal perpetuation of ownership took place. The agency transitioned to Jay Garcia and Seth Thomas, both existing agents within the organization. Their passion is to protect and develop the culture at Moreman, Moore & Co. They are committed to creating an environment that values human relationships more than profit, and to help those at the agency to continue developing a passion to serve.

Our Culture

Unlike the traditional agency model, our agency’s unique structure fosters a culture that is centered around serving others above serving ourselves. This enables our employees and agents to thrive in their respective roles and to serve our clients with passion and professionalism. We allow our agents to share in ownership of their books of business which, over time, has been proven to create an environment between the agent and client that fosters a more productive and meaningful relationship. Our commitment to our employees is to help them grow in professional knowledge, to develop a passion to serve others within our agency, and to afford each person an opportunity for growth within our organization. We are committed to expanding our organization with people whose qualifications not only meet industry standards, but those who would also thrive in our unique culture.

Our Purpose and Our Vision

To be faithful stewards of all the resources that God has placed in our care, and to nurture a culture that is passionate in service, relationship focused, and allows both our clients and team to thrive.