Workers CompMoreman, Moore & Company and the Institute of Work Comp Advisors have developed a new and unique system to help clients regain control of their long term costs of Workers Compensation Insurance. The new Work Comp Advocates system will help reduce employers’ costs on employee injuries. Moreman, Moore & Company has eight Certified Work Comp Advisors and two Certified Work Comp Specialists on staff. Each has participated in comprehensive training to develop a depth of knowledge about Workers Compensation Insurance. By helping our clients reduce the frequency and severity of workplace incidents, we are not only helping protect employees, but also working to lower your overall cost. Together, our goal will be to maximize productivity. Don’t be part of the majority who is being overcharged by the system. Contact us and let one of our specialists start working for you today.

Here is a list of a few of the services included:

  • Our staff monitors claims to insure all parties are working together.
  • We have a marketing department that obtains the best available pricing/terms/conditions on your workers’ compensation insurance.
  • We check your National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) experience modifier to make sure it has been issued correctly. It is not uncommon to find an error that reflects unfavorably on your business. We specialize in this unique aspect of workers’ compensation.
  • Our specialists will prepare an individualized report to show the impact of claims on your NCCI experience modifier report.
  • We help you prepare for the audit and have it ready prior to the auditor’s arrival.